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The Dragos

The Dragos

925 Sterling Silver (8g)

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"The Beast of Rebellion"

The Dragos represents defiance and rebellion, crafted with creative precision. Named after the legendary fallen angel Dragos, renowned as the beast of rebellion, this sterling silver ring for men is a creation of unrivalled strength and untamed rebellion.

Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver, the Dragos scoffs at mundane pieces with it's artisanal excellence and uncompromising quality. Every detail of this ring is meticulously sculpted to capture the essence of its namesake, exuding an aura of power and bold defiance.

With it's unique and commanding presence, the Dragos stands as a testament to individuality and rebellion. Its rugged yet refined appearance serves as a reminder that true strength lies in embracing one's uniqueness and standing against the tide of conformity.

Embrace uniqueness and the spirit of rebellion with the Dragos and adorn yourself with a statement piece that defies convention and challenges the status quo. Let this ring be a symbol of your independence and determination in the face of adversity.

.925 Sterling Silver Ring (8g)
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