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The Ferox

The Ferox

925 Sterling Silver (12g)

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"The Ferocious One"

The Ferox is a testament to strength, designed and crafted after the formidable fallen angel, Ferox. This sterling silver ring for men embodies a fusion of style and raw power, meticulously handcrafted to exude quality and character.

Forged from true 925 sterling silver, each curve and line of the Ferox resonates with the ferocity of its namesake.  With black enamel stones, it's design, both bold and refined, captures the essence of the fallen angel, making a statement that commands attention.

With it's polished surface and intricate details, the Ferox stands as a symbol of resilience and determination, inviting admiration and awe. Whether worn as a symbol of personal strength or as a tribute to the fearless spirit of the fallen, this ring is a testament to individuality and style.

.925 Sterling Silver Ring (12g)
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